Nail Strengthener 2 - For Soft, Peeling Nails 15ml

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Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2 - For soft, peeling nails.

Heals weak, thin, soft, or peeling nails. This unique protein formulation seals the layers of the nail together. With each application intense therapy reinforces and thickens nails while protecting strength and flexibility.

Nail Tek Strengthener

How To Use

CLEAN and prep nails.

TREAT with one coat of Intensive Therapy 2 as base coat. Polish nail at the half moon, keeping product off skin. Be sure to keep all nail products away from the cuticle and skin as they may cause dryness.

COLOUR with two coats of your favourite shade of nail polish.

PROTECT with one top coat of Intensive Therapy 2 or Quicken.

APPLY the appropriate Intensive Therapy 2 formula daily for 7 days to reseal and protect free edges.

After one week, remove all polish with an acetone remover and BEGIN the steps again.

Nail Tek Before & After


  • For soft, peeling nails
  • Seals the layers of the nails together
  • Thickens nails while promoting strength and flexibility

Nail Tek Strengthener Guide