CJ Cuticle Nail Drill Bit

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For Professional Use Only.

An essential for all nail technicians, our high-quality Cuticle Nail Drill Bit allows you to clean around the cuticle area with detailed precision. It easily removes lifted acrylic around the nail bed without causing damage. Perfect for Russian Manicures or for removing non-living tissue and preparing the nail bed to avoid lifting. It prepares the cuticle area without damaging your client's nail, all while creating a perfect canvas for acrylic, dip powder, gel or gelly tips.


    • Salon-quality
    • Ceramic Bit - Pink
    • Universal Fit
    • Standard 3/32” Round Bit - F Shaft (fits most E-Files on the market)

    "CJ Supply's Collection of Drill Bits is designed to improve speed and quality in your salon. Easily remove product, change the shape of your client's nails or do a fill in no time. The versatility of this collection, along with the quality of the drill bits, will improve your speed and technique with minimal effort."