How nail salons are dealing with coronavirus concerns

How nail salons are dealing with coronavirus concerns

Mar 19, 2020

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One of the main pieces of advice when it comes to combatting the spread of COVID-19 is that the best defences are hand washing and avoiding contact with others.

That makes life pretty hard for a nail tech, whose whole job involves touching other people’s hands and being close to them for extended periods of time.

The government haven’t yet stated that it’s unsafe to do non-essential things like get your nails done (although some would argue that that is pretty essential).

However, in situations like this, it’s always the ‘frivolous’ things that take the first hit – such as shopping, gigs, and beauty treatments.

Not only is customer safety a top priority, but nail techs are taking measures to protect themselves. Here are some of the top nail techs in the country to find out what they’re doing to keep everyone safe, and found out whether they’ve noticed a dip in business.

Ruby Hoang, owner of Deptford Nails and Beauty

‘That is sad about coronavirus. We hope everybody gets well soon.

‘My business has gone down recently but it’s not only me – all my friends. ‘

We clean the shop very carefully and I tell customers to wash their hands before we do their nails. And we’ve got masks to keep ourselves safe.’

Alice Mc, Nail Artist

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‘I’ve not had any drop in business and I’m still sanitising my equipment like normal.

‘Only thing that does concern me is I’m running out of my masks and they have more than tripled in price.

‘All the nail supply stores are sold out. Normally I buy a box of 50 for £7. Now that box on eBay/Amazon is £50.

‘It’s mental, as I heard on TV that they offer no protection from the virus whatsoever, and actually can attract it as they get wet from your breath within 30 seconds

‘Most of my clients are not worried about it.’

Iglika Gouse, founder of USPAAH – Your Spa At Home 

 ‘We have a team of over 200 Sparistas who are out interacting with customers every day, and since February, we are operating with extreme precaution.

‘We’ve told everyone to be extra vigilant about washing hands before and after treatments, sanitising tools and equipment, wearing face masks and rubber gloves and reporting to us immediately if they begin feeling unwell at all. 

‘As a business owner, however, I also understand that taking time off for freelance therapists can be financially extremely challenging, so USPAAH has decided to pay a £100 weekly allowance for up to 4 weeks, to any therapists on our team that has been affected by the COVID virus.

‘We hope this goodwill gesture will alleviate some of our team’s concerns, and in the meantime, we continue to urge everyone to observe the highest level of hygiene possible.’ 


Laura Platt, owner of Beauty & Co

 ‘So firstly I notified my clients via Facebook on our business page as follows:

"**Polite Notice** If you have an appointment but you are unwell with a cold/cough, please cancel your appointment and we can reschedule you for a later date when you are feeling well.

This is obviously something we hate to say, but like the old saying goes ‘Coughs and sneezes, spread diseases’ #WeHateCoronaVirus Love you ❤ xx”

‘Haha – obviously being as nice as possible. ‘We’ve had a few cancellations but literally only a few and I think that was based on our notice. 

‘But speaking to some clients, they don’t seem bothered about it. Some have been coming in whilst still not feeling well, and some have said to me they would still come even if one of the therapists had corona!

‘I’ve been worried as a business owner, that would I have to close my business for 2 weeks? But then, I am dramatic. I do feel like there’s not enough information about. ‘Lots of people are saying “oh it’s just flu”, but others are worried. So, which is it? It’s so hard to make a decision based on such little facts.

‘I’ve got hand sanitiser at every station now, and people seem to be using it. Everyone is talking about it though. Every client mentions it.’