The Best Nail Dust Collector: Reviews & Guide 2020

The Best Nail Dust Collector: Reviews & Guide 2020

Nov 24, 2020

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Looking for the best nail dust collector? 

Imagine this: a client steps into your salon thinking of a worry-free afternoon while having her nails done, you suddenly realised that you there is still an equipment you need to install in your business station to assure anyone stopping by to have a trouble free manicure and pedicure session.

You noted that your staff still wear masks which may leave clients thinking what hideous stench they are keeping themselves from smelling, while they (clients) have to smell or endure whatever those toxins are. 

Even though health inspectors report that chemicals trapped in salons are not that hazardous to health since exposure to the products is below the permissible limits, still, allowing these irritants can occasionally ruin you and your clients’ day.

Fortunately, you now have an alternative. Thanks to nail dust collectors that are now available on the market,  you may now drop the mask and ensure a properly maintained nail dust collectors installed in your salon instead. Nail particles may just float around the salon and, eventually, on everything inside the space. It may even end up inhaled by those inside the room. Now, what should you consider when looking for the best nail dust collector? Here are some considerations. 


When we talk about the design, it refers not only to the aesthetics or the visual presentation of the product but also the function that it serves, in this case as a nail dust collector. When deciding which dust collector you would purchase, you need not only consider the design of the product as it works to accomplish its function but also how it would be fitted into your business space.

There are various types of nail dust collectors, from the low end to the high end. Which would best fit your current budget? How many of these products should be installed in your business space that it will properly suction what needs to be removed in the salon? How about the maintenance of the dust collector? Is it easy to clean or would you need a special equipment to keep it sanitised?


Nail dust collectors may need to run as long as you are doing a manicure or a pedicure. Without proper or very little ventilation on the device, it won’t take long before the device will overheat. When deciding which brand or model to buy, make sure that you have already inspected every product feature and that any description provided in the box or packaging is present in the actual device that you will purchase. 

Power Consumption

How much voltage does the device run on? How much power does it require? How efficient is the device when turned on? Does the nail dust collector come with voltage protection device? What is its maximum rotation per minute? Understanding how a device uses and generates power for it to function well will help you compare its efficiency in performing its function with other devices in the market.

Dust Bags

The dust bags are used to store collected dust particles that come from filing and trimming of nails. What material are the dust bags made of? Are they re-usable or washable? How many are included in each purchase?

Top 5 Best Nail Dust Collectors

To make decision making easier for you, we have reviewed five of the most favoured dust collectors available online. One of these will work just fine, as many other reviewers have also found each of these nail dust collectors to fulfil what it promises to deliver to its clients.

 1. Miss Sweet Nail Dust Collector Vacuum for Polish Acrylic Nails

Belle Silver Nail Dust Collector

The Belle nail dust collector runs on a powerful yet quiet engine. It is easy to use and comfortably suctions dust particles with its sturdy fan. Its armrest is covered with high-grade PVC leather. It is designed with an ON/OFF switch, LED indicator, and an overvoltage protection function. Low power consumption, power is 12W The package comes with three dust collecting bags that can easily be installed, used, and washed. It runs on 110V - 120V 60Hz and produces 12W of power. The device measures 10.25 x 9.5 x3.5 inch / 26 x 24 x 9 cm(L x W x H). 

2. KADS Nail Art Dust Suction Collector

KADS Nail Art Dust Suction Collector

Here is an innovation in nail cleaning that anyone who wants to ensure not to inhale or have any of the dust and other particles clinging onto you or your clients’ dress or skin and on your workspace. With the KADS nail dust collector, you can just relax while having you or your clients’ nail done. It is a smart and easy way to get rid of irritants that would fly around your salon any time you do manicures or pedicures. It is sturdy and easy to use. 

Each package comes with two washable and reusable bags that you can use to cover the three fans underneath the armrest. This is where the dust particles will be collected every time they are sucked by the rotating fans. The device weighs 7 lbs and runs on 110V of power. This is a vital tool suitable for all nail works. 

3. Big Size Nail Vacuum Dust Collector with 5 Dust Collecting Bags

This nail dust collector utilises a high-speed and powerful fan to suck dust and other particles from filing, trimming, and cutting the nails, to keep the surrounding work area clean. It is designed with a leather covered armrest and allows one to enjoy a relaxing manicure and pedicure each time.  Each purchase comes in five recyclable (washable), environment-friendly, and easy to use garbage bags were the dust particles are collected when the machine is turned on.

The total dimension of the machine is 10.43 x 9.65 x 4.33(inch). To use, you just rest your or your client’s hands on the machine, switch to “-” to turn on, or “O” to turn off. As its high-speed fan rotates, dust and other particles are collected and goes to the dust bag.

The machine specifications are as follows: Voltage100~120V, 60Hz, Current: 0.2A, Power:23W, and rotates at a maximum of 2700 rpm.

4. MAKARTT Nail Art Dust Suction Collector

MAKARTT Nail Art Dust Suction Collector

This nail dust collector is a perfect companion for both professional, amateur, or DIY nail enthusiasts. It is durable and user-friendly design, which includes a high-powered fan that sucks dust and other particles and gathers them inside a dust bag that users connect to its powerful yet soft-running engine. It has an on/off switch, a LED indicator, and an overvoltage protection. Its armrest is covered with a layer of a soft PVC leather.

The package includes three pieces of dust collecting bags which can be easily changed and washed when needed. Its soft-running engine runs on 110V of power with a maximum speed of 2700 rpm. Its dimension is as follows:  24cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 10.5cm (H) / 9.5" x 7.9" x 4.2". To use, place your arm on the PVC leather with your nails directly above the white fan port. Remember to install the dust collector under the fan port as it will collect all dust particles through its rotating fan.

5. Nail Art Dust Collector (Recommended)

Here is yet another perfect option for a nail dust collector. It makes the collection of dust particles easier with powerful suction, super light-weight and takes up less space on your desk. It has a strong and high-speed engine which creates low noise when its running. Like all other devices in this review, this nail dust collector is designed with an over-voltage and current overload protection function.

The accordion shape filters, similar to air purifier filters, are designed to capture even the finest dust particles. The reusable filters can last up to 6 weeks with regular cleaning after every use. It is ideal for use either at home or for business. 

Coming in lightweight at 815g, can be easily carried in 1 hand. Outer dimensions: 22.7cm x 18.6cm x 8.5cm

The accordion shape filters, similar to air purifier filters, are designed to capture even the finest dust particles. The reusable filters can last up to 6 weeks with regular cleaning after every use.

This Nail Dust Collector is essential to help keep your workspace clean and dust free while filing off Matrix, Sculptured forms, Gels, or Acrylic Nails!

Final Thoughts

Small particles from filing, trimming, and cutting nails, as well as vapors from nail and other salon products are not just annoying, but may also be detrimental to health. They may cause irritation and may also cling on any surface.

Nail dust collectors will be your handy companion that will help maintain the air in your salon smelling a lot cleaner and your space more pleasant to look at. If you are looking for an alternative or still deciding what nail dust collector to buy, you can check one of the best options we have listed in this review. Which makes #5 Nail Art Dust Collector our top pick.

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